Films About Loneliness

This is a great list that fits well with the theme I’ve been looking at. I’ve seen quite a few films on the list and hadn’t really thought about the characters being isolated from the world. I guess in a way film is difficult to captivate true loneliness because we as an audience are watching them and caring about them. When you’re by yourself you don’t have an audience, no one knows when you’re upset or when you’re happy. And it’s through your own eyes. That sounds silly but I’ve always felt with film that you can never reach a total level of realness as you’re not inside the characters head. With a book that’s in first person you hear the persons thoughts and you see the world through their eyes. Perhaps that’s why books can often take more effort than film. I’m not trying to say this is a bad thing, it’s just thoughts that are coming to my mind as I write this. Films are great, they can take you out of the mundane or make you think about something you’ve never thought about before. The films on this list that I’ve seen such as ‘Chungking Express’ and ‘Three Colours Blue’ do captivate a sense of loneliness- especially Chungking as it has narration throughout- in a beautiful way, usually with little dialogue. But being truly alone and disconnected from the world, as Joyce Vincent was, is something, I feel, cinema can never fully grasp.


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